Employee Leasing

The job market in India has seen a great transformation in the last decade with the emergence of Indian IT sector. India is now a global destination for rewarding jobs. JobsCafe, acknowledging the ongoing changing scenario of the Indian jobs market, has employed the employee leasing method for manpower hiring process. The rapid growth of business and the need to outsmart competitions has created a demand for employee leasing services to fulfill the manpower requirements of a company.

The global opportunities have demanded the organizations to adopt employee leasing services again and again as an integral part of their manpower hiring activity. The employee leasing services, at JobsCafe, are cost effective and very efficient. Beside employee leasing services, JobsCafe provides payroll services to the companies which further bring down the operational costs significantly. For a small size company which does not have the requisite infrastructure, we take care of their HR related administrative responsibilities and provide them with consulting services.

If an organization wants to grow incessantly, it should hire proficient and capable professionals. And, JobsCafe is a one-stop destination for all such important hiring. It is very important that an organization has suitable people working for the growth of the business. In employee leasing services, JobsCafe provides competent professionals who help organizations to overcome the modern-day business challenges.

While analyzing HR needs of a company, JobsCafe takes interest in understanding the business of the clients. This helps us to design the best HR policies for them. We are not just an HR company taking care of your hiring needs; we play the role of a success partner by serving organizations with invincible HR solutions that go a long way in fulfilling their long term goals.

JobsCafe comprises of a mix of experienced professionals with domain and functional knowledge in employee leasing. Our professionals scan thousands of resumes and narrow down the prospective few human resources. Our employee leasing services serve as a platform for both the organization and the potential job candidate.

JobsCafe has rightly assessed the need for professional HR consulting firms that can further fuel the growth of the booming IT industry by addressing unique manpower needs. This fact led to the conception of JobsCafe which follows a sustainable growth pattern bringing rich dividends to the clients and the jobseekers as well.