Headhunting India

JobsCafe offers professional headhunting solutions to a number of clients. Our headhunting offers a bunch of C.Vs. of efficient candidates which we send to the clients for primary screening and arranging interviews. JobsCafe takes care of the complete hiring process ensuring recruitment of right people for the right positions of our clients. More importantly, we help them with our efficient headhunting services at the right time.

JobsCafe, being a specialized HR solution firm, adopts a process specific approach for all the headhunting assignments of all the clients. We remain adhered to a 'Standard Operating Procedure', that has helped us to achieve an enviable success in the business of headhunting and providing HR solutions. We have a great 'Turn around Time' and which has helped us to score high in our professional front. We have a very high 'Conversion Rate' where a great number of job aspirants referred by us are absorbed by the companies. This becomes the most decisive factor when one feels to measure the competency of a headhunting and HR solutions provider.

In headhunting services, JobsCafe has been quite instrumental in offering services in the following areas:

Permanent Staffing - JobsCafe very efficiently takes care of your permanent staffing needs. The expert professionals of JobsCafe, first of all, take note of the job requirements of the clients and carry out extensive study on the business domain. After having complete idea of the related industry, we devise a recruitment plan for our clients. We search our database and shortlist the potential candidates for the jobs. Our professionals communicate with the potential candidates and tell them about the openings. We create interests about the opportunity amongst the potential candidates and prepare them for the interview. Our permanent staffing solutions cater to your needs in diverse industry domains and you get only the best manpower for your company.

Temporary Staffing - For a business that wants to hire high-profile experts for a limited period, temporary staffing is the best choice. JobsCafe provides effective temporary staffing solutions to the companies, ensuring flexible working hours for high-end jobs. The employee hiring and staffing services of JobsCafe helps companies to manage their sudden and immediate need of additional manpower.

A company can reliably outsource its entire headhunting and recruitment process to JobsCafe. We can provide you services starting right from sending resumes to shortlisting and interviewing of the potential candidates. We have all the capabilities to take care of the entire headhunting and recruitment process.