Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment is a process of hiring or taking people for any organization. Recruitment agency or an employment agency is an agency that maps employees to the employers. Jobs Cafe is a recruitment agency that provides best placements to the employees and best executives to the employers. They acts as a consultant for companies and recruit people for them. Jobs Cafe works in four types of recruitment

• They offers jobs in a specific region
• They offers jobs in specific sectors like Banking, Finance, IT etc.,
• They offers jobs in and around the country through their offices and internet
• They helps people in getting International Jobs. Jobs Cafe follow certain process in selecting a suitable candidate for a job . The process are as follows.

Analysis of the Job
The Agency head at the Jobs Cafe gets the details about the job. Based on the description and collection of tasks to be performed that are given by the employer, they will start the recruitment.

Sourcing needed for it
Sourcing involves the advertisement media such as Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, Televisions, Radio, Campus Recruitment Programs, Publications research, to identify the suitable person for that job.

Screening and Selecting suitable people
Jobs Cafe access and analyze the employee's resume, communication, qualifications and experience in the particular field to figure out his/her talent for the job criteria. They also conduct tests like Group Discussion, psychological tests, numerical ability tests for recruiting

On-boarding the employee to the organization
This is the final process at Jobs Cafe in which they help the employees they have recruited, to become a active member or an active employee in the employer's organization.