Recruitment Agencies in India

India is a big country that has large number of opportunities from ancient times. At the same time, It has n number of recruitment agencies in all the states. Among which, Jobs Cafe is a website that helps individual to get a right employment. It helps people who are searching for a job and finds people for organizations who can fit in to that vacancy.

Jobs Cafe offers various recruitment services such as
1) Pay Per Requirement
2) Pay Per Response
3) Pay Per Resume
4) Pay Per Recruited Candidate

Pay Per Requirement is a service that is suitable for general requirement of an organization. All resumes are taken based on the matching requirements and number of years of experience in that field.

Pay Per Response is a service that is suitable for organizations in case if they are looking for bulk number of candidates. This can be achieved by sending bulk emails and sms for all the suitable candidates.

Pay Per Resume is a service that is suitable when the organization needs a specific resume with certain number of years of experience

Pay Per Recruited Candidate is a service when an organization looking for many people with large number of requirements. This can be achieved by selecting large number of resumes irrespective of the requirements.

Following are the list of benefits that Jobs Cafe offers you.
1) Organizations can pay only for the interested resumes
2) Save lots of money and time
3) Personalized and tailored services to the clients
4) Good chance of notification of jobs for the job seekers even before they published in newspapers, magazines or in internet