Staffing Firm

Recruiting an employee in to an organization is a big task for that organization. It has to be responsive to the current market trends. In order to select effective and efficient employees, organization out source a staffing firm to find correct candidates for that positions.

Jobs Cafe offers job placements for n number of individuals. They acts as a contractor between job aspirants and the company. If the employee seems to be complete and satisfactory fit for that vacancy, he is given an official offer letter with the predefined salary package and other terms and conditions.

Jobs Cafe is responsible for the following.

1) Recruiting, Selecting and on boarding an employee
2) Enhance Employer's and employee's relationship
3) Have to determine how far is the job to that particular individual
4) Represent the individual to an organization

Staffing firm at Jobs Cafe gets compensation from an organization in several forms. Certain organizations makes an advance payment to the staffing firm, which is non refundable depending on the success and outcome in a certain amount of time. This kind of compensation are given to high level staffing firms. Certain organization pays a contingency fee once the employee accepts his offer from the organization and started working in that. In such case, firms are paid in certain percentage of the employee's annual salary. Some organization pays hourly or weekly compensation to the firms.