Atos SE Recruits AWS Devops

Job description

Essential Requirements:

• Strong knowledge and experience of Amazon Web Services (e.g. 2-3 years of prior AWS experience), including deployment of new components as well as management/troubleshooting of existing components. Services you’ve used should include VPC, SGs, NACLs, EC2, EBS, AWS Backup, CloudWatch, ELBs
• AWS Associate level certification
• Recent experience of using and troubleshooting code management and CI/CD solutions (Gitlab / Gitlab Runners)
• Experience with Infrastructure as Code tooling for deploying into AWS (Terraform) and for creating gold builds / AMI baking (Packer)
• Experience with configuration management tooling for operating system management (Ansible)
• Programming experience using Python as Lambda function payload
• Experience of using Datadog monitoring
• Experience of using ServiceNow
• Previous experience of coaching junior DevOps engineers
• AWS Professional level certification